An Acoustic Companion – 11:00 AM September 9, 2023

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The Playlist is Already Up There

Good news, everyone. I have worked out how to put the playlist up, before the show. Today, I will feature quite a few artists, from a great album, called Polished Steel Sessions. I will also feature a tribute to The Andy Griffith Show. The song is, The Andy Griffith Show Song. I’m sure you will also enjoy a few songs from Cory Walker’s fine album, School Project. It’s a week until the school holidays, so settle in and enjoy two hours of acoustic music. As always, you can contact me at Stay well.

I’ll Never Let You Go by Bill Chambers and Paul Kelly from Polished Steel Sessions (3)
Far Away Again by Tim O’Brien and Cory Walker from School Project (2)
Where Are You Going Now? by Jaimee Harris from Polished Steel Sessions (8)
One Two Many Mornings by Rodney Dillard and Cory Walker from School Project (5)
Crescent City Angels by Adam Carroll from Polished Steel Sessions (1)
We’ll All Drink Money by Balsam Range from Single
The Andy Griffith Show Song by Rodney Dillard and The Dillard Band from I Wish Life Was Like Mayberry
Black Mountain Night by Red June from IBMA Bluegrass 2014 (2)
Our Love Won’t Die by All Our Exes Live In Texas from All Our Exes Live In Texas (4)
High Times In the Low Country by Jefferson Ross from Isle Of Hope (7)
You Don’t Run Across My Mind by Irene Kelley from IBMA Bluegrass 2014 (13)
66 Highway Blues by Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger from The Songs of Pete Seeger Volume 2 (6)
Glory Bound by The Wailin’ Jennys from The Wailin’ Jennys Live at Mauch Chuck Opera House
Nothing But the Water by Volume Five from The Day We Learn to Fly (4)
Somewhere Down the Road by Rachael Hester from Only Time Will Tell (2)
Rally Round the Drum by Paul Kelly and The Stormwater Boys from Foggy Highway
Lowdown Fiddle Man by Rachael Hester from Only Time Will Tell (5)
Carolina Cookout by Michelle Canning from The Next Eleven Miles (9)
More Than Enough by Martin Simpson from Rooted
God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign by Quicksand Soup from Western Gospel (3)
13 Or So by Nick Hornbuckle from 13 Or So
Wherever You Are by Mast Gully Fellers from Mast Gully Fellers (2)
My Remedy by Missy Armstrong from Melton and Miller Music
Rollin’ Into Rosine by Bill Jackson from The Wayside Ballads Vollume 2 (6)
Walking Home To Wexford by Milan Miller and Tim O’Brien from Melton and Miller Music (4)
Blue Ridge Rain by Ashley Lewis from Captivated (4)
Big Red by Chop, Shred and Split from Chop, Shred and Split (2)

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