BRING DOWN THE BIRDS – 07:00 PM January 22, 2024

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Australasian Gannet

This week’s Bird Of The Week is the Australasian Gannet (Morus Serrator). If we are to believe what we find on the internet, Sir Joseph Banks once shot three Australasian Gannets off the coast of New Zealand in 1769 and enjoyed them with his crew, cooked into a pie on Christmas day. Anyway, what we do know is that the Australasian Gannet is a great diver, plunging from heights of 10m or more into the ocean to catch fish. Large breeding colonies of Australasian Gannets can be found on islands off Victoria and Tasmania, and also around New Zealand.

Russian Dance by Tom Waits from The Black Rider
My Friend by Mama Kin from Beat And Holler
No Shoes by Sal Kimber from Sounds Like Thunder
Harley And Rose – Live by Joe Camilleri from The Best Of Acoustic (Live at the Forum)
Falling Out Of Love by Mary Gauthier from Mercy Now
Letter To Tampa by Nick Charles And Alex Burns from Real Australian Blues Vol. 1
Banjo And Violin by The Audreys from Between Last Night And Us

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