BRING DOWN THE BIRDS – 07:00 PM November 27, 2023

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Southern Ningaui (the Southern what??)

This week on Bring Down The Birds Dr Watson presents one of Australia’s lesser known marsupials instead of a Bird Of The Week. It is small but ferocious (if you are an insect, spider or small lizard) and it could easily be written off as a mouse….it is the Southern Ningaui (Ningaui yvonnae)! This beautiful, tiny Australian marsupial is in the Dasyuridae family, alongside Tasmanian devils, quolls, dunnarts, and the extinct Tasmanian tiger. Found in semi-arid parts of Vic, SA and WA, the Southern Ningaui is a cryptic, nocturnal, terrestrial species. Females are mature from approximately six months of age and give birth to five to seven joeys, usually in Oct/Nov. Adult Ningaui only live for about 12 – 14 months.

Skin A Cat by Chris Wilson from The Long Weekend
I Shall Be Released (Live) by Bob Dylan from The Complete Budokan (Live)
Rocky Raccoon by Charlie Parr, Nicholas Mrozinski from Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 3
Walk Away by Tom Waits from Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards
Bones by Willy Tea Taylor from 4 Strings
Cocaine Habit by Old Crow Medicine Show from Big Iron World
Change Is Gonna Come by Shinyribs from Well After Awhile

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