Classically Saturday – 09:00 AM October 21, 2023

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Classically Saturday With BISH

Honey Bee by Jazz Party
Deep Deep Love by Dan Brodie
Dirty Hearts by Dallas Crane
Hit Parade Of Love by The Rowe Jerry Crow Band
Sunshine Of Your Love by Spanky Wilson
The Bomb by The Hives
Monster In A Box by The Deonators
Sober and Straight by The Detonators
My Girl’s A Doll by The Detonators
FSO by Regurgitator
Stuck Down In Melbourne Again by Warner Brothers
Before The Evening Turns by The Night Parrots
St Patrick & St Michael by Dan Warner & The Night Parrots
DC by Died Pretty
Love Is A Metaphor by Monique Shelford
Kiss Someone by Tanya Lee Davies
Adam And Eve by Tanya Lee Davies
Deep Water by Tanya Lee Davies

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