Classically Saturday – 09:00 AM October 28, 2023

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Classically “Classy-Assy-Sassy’ Saturday

The Stinky wonky Donkey by Craig Smith
Farting Is A Part Of Life by Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show
Pirate Girl by Sarah Carroll
Gravy Train by Mast Gully Fellers
Mule Train by Frankie Laine
Throwdown Hoedown by Austral
Our Boat by We Mavericks
Curious Crowd by Cath Russell
Grandmama’s Pie’s by Cath Russell
Cool Water by Frankie Laine
We Are Not A Men’s Group by Spooky Mens Chorale
You Gotta Fly by Floyd Thursby
Teenage Lady Bug by Floyd Thursby & Mademoiselle
Empire Of Summer by Floyd Thursby
Everywhere by Mast Gully Fellers
hold Me In Your Arms by Louey Hesterman
Good Light In Broome by Neil Murray
Donkey Riding by Great Big Sea
Be A Good Human by Tuck Shop Ladies
Who Needs Enemies by Jack Rabbit & the Pubic Hares

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