Classically Saturday – 09:00 AM August 26, 2023

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Maestro On The Mic (filling in for Classically Saturday)

Interview with Stuart Coupe about his life in the world of music. His book Shake Some Action (358 pages) and published by Penguin.

Most people I know think that I’m crazy by Billy Thorpe from Live at Sunbury
Disappointment by Susannah Espie from First and last hotel
Meet me in the hallway by Opeloiusas from Opelousified
Covetously by Little John from Put Your Hands On Me
Beserk warriors by Mental as Anything from Cats and Dogs
The real thing by Russell Morris
The karman line by Cathy Dobson from Mediocreville
Double agent by Murphnick from Strange Ride
The singing bird by Sinead O’Connor from Sean nos nua
I’ll tell me ma by Sinead O’Connor from Sean nos nua
My opera career is over by Nurseratched from Catastrophically ourselves
it’s not the same without you by Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier from Half Man Half Woman
Diamond in the sky by Wisse Hofstra
Close your eyes and count to three by Mademoiselle and Floyd Thursby from The South Lands
I should have sent roses by Elton John and Leon Russell from The Union
Lovin’ in the fall by Ruby Boots from Solitude
Shaping stones by Les Thomas from Survivor’s Tale
Butterfly ball by Totally Gourdgeous from The Stroke Of Midnight
Every now and then by Kristian Mizzi from Some Other Morning
I am the walrus by Russell Morris from Fundamentalist

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