Do Your Thing – 08:00 PM November 16, 2023

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This week is an ode to a recent musical long weekend and a love letter of sorts to Melbourne’s musical ecosystem. All the bands & artists featured tonight played ‘live’ in Melbourne over the cup day long weekend, and most of them were experienced in person by Do Your Thing. Join us as we wander the leafy musical streets of Melbourne town enjoying a collection of poppy, indie, dreamy, lo-fi, folky and ambient delights from across the decades. Lost & Lonesome Bandcamp: Milk Teddy Bandcamp: + Milk Teddy Iron Rose Film Clip: Last Leaves Bandcamp: Great Earthquake Bandcamp: The Cat’s Miaow Bandcamp: Hana Stretton Bandcamp: Happy Axe Bandcamp: Image: The Small Intestines – Hide In Time – Album Cover (2023). Cover painting by Trevor Ludlow.

(Intro Song) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
Iron Rose by Milk Teddy from Time Catches Up With Milk Teddy
Something Falls by Last Leaves from Other Towns Than Ours
Ways To Cut My Hair by Monnone Alone from Ways To Cut My Hair 7”
Whistling Song by Alluvial Nuggets from Whistling Song Single
Do. Make by Great Earthquake from Mindmaps
Horse Riding by The Small Intestines from Hide In Time
Run Run Run by Lower Plenty from Sister Sister
Weirdo by Sweet Whirl from How Much Works
Let Me Brush The Hair From Your Face by The Cat’s Miaow from This Is All I Ever Wanted 7″
If Things Had Been Different by The Cat’s Miaow from I Can’t Help But Love You 7″
Miss by Hana Stretton from Soon
Injuries by Happy Axe from Tiger Dream
Not Like I Was Doing Anything by The Cat’s Miaow from How Did Everything Get So Fucked Up – Cassette Album

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