Do Your Thing – 08:00 PM November 30, 2023

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This week we enter a world of ambient, ethereal, experimental and environmental sounds, to immerse us into a soothing, healing and curious space. We will also be learning, feeling and hearing the various landscapes that surround this music. Join us as we explore the waterways, forests and city streets of eastern and western Australia, the coastlines and mountains of Basque Country and the vast expanses of the USA. An intriguing journey awaits. Rakali Video: HTRK Website: lovefear Bandcamp: Bluetung Bandcamp: Hegoa Bandcamp (For Alberto Lizarralde): C.H.W.H. Bandcamp: Analogue Attic Bandcamp (For Badskin): Past Inside Present Bandcamp (For Healing Together Comp): Bowery Electric Bandcamp: Ulla Bandcamp: Blue Divers Bandcamp: Image: Badskin – Bush Bash – Album Cover (2023). Photography by Shannon Madden.

(Intro Song) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
Renaissance by HTRK from Death Is A Dream
Asunder (feat. Fatshaudi) by lovefear from Leaving the Caim – Single
Province Céleste by Bluetung from Eternity By The Stars
À l’aube by Alberto Lizarralde from Haizetxe
Rakali Mullet by Cold Hands Warm Heart from Luxury Bat
Supermauve by Badskin from Bushbash
Doorways by Marine Eyes from Healing Together: A Compilation For Mental Health Recovery
Over and Over by Bowery Electric from Bowery Electric
I Think My Tears Have Become Good by Ulla from Tumbling Towards A Wall
Shallow Bed by Blue Divers from Blue Divers II

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