Do Your Thing – 08:00 PM October 19, 2023

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First off, a big thank you to everyone who subscribed or donated to 3MDR during the 2023 “Shockingly Good Radio” Radiothon. Legends. Special thanks to musician Glenn Ford who subscribed this past week as Do Your Thing’s first artist subscriber. Check him out on instagram @glennmichaelford for local gigs and other musical happenings. It’s been a fun and successful Radiothon. To celebrate the end of Radiothon, the 3MDR ‘Shockingly Good Gig’ is happening this Sunday 22nd October at Sooki Lounge Belgrave. It’s an additional fundraiser for the station and a great community event, featuring 3MDR DJs, Maggie Alley, Freud and The Family Solution, and DJ Francis With Wolves. Head to for tickets. Subscribers also get discounted entry. You can still subscribe or donate anytime of the year at or give the office a call on 9752 5637 weekdays between 10am and 4pm. This week we delve into the Do Your Thing record collection with a vinyl special. The show has two sets of criteria this week. Firstly, the tracks have to be on vinyl 12” or 7” EPs or singles. Secondly, these tracks must be songs that the Do Your Thing collection only has on vinyl records. Some of these tracks aren’t even on youtube which I think is cool. To explore this selection of vinyl treats, we head to the record stores of the British Isles, the east coast of the USA, up and down Australia’s Great Diving Range and a coastal stop on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. Should be an intriguing journey. Nice to have ya along. Image: Midnight Oil – The Dead Heart – 12” Cover (1986). Features tracks by Warumpi Band & Coloured Stone on the B-side.

(Intro Song) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
Armour Your Amor by Mess Esque from Armour Your Amor / Liminal Space 7”
At The Very Top by Lower Plenty from Altona & At The Very Top – Split 7″
New Name Blues by Dick Diver from New Name Blues 7″
Bullies by The Twerps from Bullies / Spitting Dummies – Split 7″
Flebus by Stinky Fire Engine from If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Melbourne
S.T. Song by Sleepy Township from Sleepytownshipthecannanes – Split 7” EP
It’s Been A While by Flywheel from Duck Tape
The Greatest Time by The Mad Scene from The Greatest Time! E.P. – 7” EP
You Have Improved Me by Dribbling Darts Of Love from Shoot 12″ EP
Don’t You Go by Everything But The Girl from Native Land 12″
This Land by Coloured Stone from Island Of Greed

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