Do Your Thing – 08:00 PM September 14, 2023

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SHOW 171

This week we head off to Canada, America, the British Isles, NZ and a couple pit stops up and down the east coast of Aus to sample a collection of Indie Pop and Indie Rock goodies. We’ll also be dipping our toes in the Noise Pop and Shoegaze musical waters. Should be a fun time. Good to have ya along for the ride. Image: The Great Unwashed – Singles – 12” EP Cover (1984). Artwork by Ronnie van Hout.

(Intro Track) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
Adult Diversion by Alvvays from Alvvays
Imipramine by Blueboy from Unisex
Words and Smiles by Tiger Trap from Tiger Trap
Possession by Pash from Skylight EP
Outer Space by 3Ds from Hellzapoppin’
Pavement by Lions (Linden) from Watery, Domestic EP
Digital Progress by CoCo Jumbo from Digital Progress EP
Summer by Surf Friends from Endorphins
Off Your Face by My Bloody Valentine from Glider EP
Drown by Black Tambourine from By Tomorrow 7” EP
Here by Pavement from Slanted and Enchanted
Wrapped by Minimum Chips from Double Figures Comp
Born In The Wrong Time by The Great Unwashed from Singles 12″

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