Do Your Thing – 08:00 PM September 7, 2023

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SHOW 170

For our first show at this new time-slot of 8pm to 9pm Thursday, we will find ourselves trekking north and south along the forested slopes of Australia’s ‘Great Driving Range’ to check out the past and present indie scenes of Melbourne and Sydney, sailing across Bass Strait and traversing New Zealand’s striking southern alps to catch up with our kiwi friends while also sampling some south island lo-fi and guitar pop goodies. We will also venture across the vast expanse of the pacific oceans to hang out amongst the lush and dramatic Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada while enjoying some local lo-fi pop delights. We will hop over the pond to the northern latitudes of the British Isles to soak in some mid-80s dreamy indie pop. Should be a fun journey through landscape and sound. Always nice to have your company. Pash Bandcamp: Pretty In Pink Bandcamp: The Stevens Bandcamp: Summer Flake Bandcamp: The Shapiros Bandcamp: Free Time Bandcamp: David Kilgour Bandcamp: Chapter Music Bandcamp (For Panel Of Judges Blind As A Bat EP): Makeout Videotape Bandcamp: Robert Scott Bandcamp (For The Magick Heads): Peter Gutteridge Bandcamp: The Clean Bandcamp: Image: Peter Gutteridge – Pure – Album Cover – Xpressway 9 – (1989).

(Intro Song) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
Take You by Pash from Somersault EP
50/50 by Pretty In Pink from Pillows
The Long Vacation by The Stevens from A History Of Hygiene
Ordinary by Summer Flake from One Less Thing
Gone By Fall by The Shapiros from The Shapiros/Pencil Split 7″
Beak In A Cup by Free Time from Jangle Jargon
Shimmering by David Kilgour from Here Comes The Cars
Blind As A Bat by Panel Of Judges from Blind As A Bat 7” EP
Heat Wave by Makeout Videotape from Heat Wave EP
The Back Of Her Hand (Live) by The Magick Heads from Intakes & Outtakes
Planet Phrom by Peter Gutteridge from Pure
It’s Up To You by Shop Assistants from Shopping Parade 7” EP
Trapped In Amber by The Clean from Anthology Comp

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