Do Your Thing – 09:00 PM August 10, 2023

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SHOW 166

We continue exploring the folk landscape this evening as well some tracks with indie, ambient and dreamy sensibilities. Stopping off in the UK to soak up the folk revival golden period of the 1960s, as well as some tunes from more contemporary times. We will cross “the pond” to the hills of North Carolina for some mountain infused American folk. Also tripping up and down the east coast of Aus for a mix of quiet, gentle and soothing sounds. Should be a nice time. Always good to have you along for the ride. To catch the last speaking part & last song of the show listen back to the first 9m 26s of the Rock Bottom Radio audio archive from the 3/08/23. See link: Lachlan Denton Bandcamp: Lower Plenty Bandcamp: Hydroplane Bandcamp: Brierfield Flood Press Bandcamp (For Soda Eaves) HTRK Bandcamp: HTRK Website: Kathleen Mary Lee Bandcamp: Photo: HTRK (2021).

(Intro Song) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
Bridget O’Malley (Live) by June Tabor
Hares on the Mountain by Shirley Collins & Davey Graham from Folk Roots, New Routes
Fotheringay by Sandy Denny from The Attic Tracks Vol. 3: 
First and Last Tracks
Beautiful Flowers by Watchhouse from Watchhouse
Braeside by Lachlan Denton from Furnishings
What He Wrote by Laura Marling from I Speak Because I Can
Rocks by Lower Plenty from Mean
Monotonic FM (Acoustic) by Hydroplane from Hydroplane
Victoria by Soda Eaves from murray, darling
Kiss Kiss & Rhinestones by HTRK from Rhinestones
Lessons From High & Blue by Blue Divers from Blue Divers
The Dreamer by Kathleen Mary Lee from The Dreamer Single

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