Do Your Thing – 09:00 PM August 24, 2023

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SHOW 168

Mostly road tripping around Aus this week as well as popping across the pacific ocean to see our Canadian and American friends. All the while sampling some musical goodness of the indie, folky, poppy and rocky variety. Jumping in our time machine as always bouncing between the years 1972 to the present day. Should be a fun time with some space for contemplation and reflection. Thanks for coming along. To catch the last song of the show listen back to the first couple minutes of the Rock Bottom Radio audio archive from the 24/08/23. See link: Martin Frawley Bandcamp: Mylee Grace Bandcamp: Dag Bandcamp: Leah Senior Bandcamp: Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton Bandcamp: Summer Flake Bandcamp: Dirty Three Bandcamp: Efficient Space Bandcamp (For Tresa Leigh Release): Bec Sykes Bandcamp: The National Bandcamp: Image: Tresa Leigh – I Remember – 7” RE Cover (2023).

(Intro Song) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
The Wannabe by Martin Frawley from The Wannabe
Any Road by Mylee Grace from Whiplash In The Moshpit
Staying Up At Night by Dag from Benefits of Solitude
Evergreen by Leah Senior from The Passing Scene
I’m Right Here by Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton from Keep On Trying
Draw The Line by Summer Flake from One Less Thing
Great Waves by Dirty Three (Featuring Cat Power) from Cinder
I Miss You by Tresa Leigh from Great World Of Sound 7″
Did I Ever Love You by Leonard Cohen from Popular Problems
Edithvale by Bec Sykes from Edithvale Single
Fake Empire by The National from The Boxer

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