Do Your Thing – 09:00 PM August 3, 2023

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SHOW 165

On this quiet and cool winter evening here in the southern hemisphere, we enter an immersive, calming and reflective world of music that creates an atmosphere which settles oneself as well as touching something deep or mysterious within us. Our vehicle for this exploration is a collection of soothing, delicate, ethereal and at times environmental folk and indie frequencies and melodies across the decades from the British Isles, the moss-filled forests of Norway, and the vast and varied landscapes of Australia and America. Lovely to have you along for this journey. Leah Senior Bandcamp: Ellis Bell Spotify: Ellis Bell ‘At The Studio Folk Club’ Show Armidale, NSW 12/08/23: Lachlan Denton Bandcamp: Brierfield Flood Press Bandcamp (For Hana Stretton & Soda Eaves Albums: Grouper Bandcamp: McKisko Bandcamp: Roy Harper Website: Anne Briggs Topic Records Shop: Photo: Hana Stretton – Soon – Album Cover (2023).

(Intro Song) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
Pony by Leah Senior from The Music That I Make
Make You Feel My Love by Ane Brun from Leave Me Breathless
Body & Soul by Ellis Bell from Body & Soul Single
Ebony by Lachlan Denton from Furnishings
Captain’s Flat by Hana Stretton from Soon
Invisible by Grouper from Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill
Leaning Out by McKisko (feat. Seagull) from Southerly
I’ll Be Here in the Morning by Townes Van Zandt from Townes Van Zandt
Forever by Roy Harper from Sophisticated Beggar
Ride Ride by Anne Briggs from The Time Has Come
The Starset Hotel by Soda Eaves from murray, darling

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