Do Your Thing – 09:00 PM July 27, 2023

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SHOW 164

First off, my apologies for being absent the past two weeks. I was a bit under the weather. However I am better now and it’s great to be back in the studio. Spending a good amount of time in the band rooms and streets of Melbourne this week as well as some trips to good old Radelaide, the Northern Rivers of NSW aka “groover central’, and a couple jaunts to see our friends over in the US of A. We’ll catch a bunch of indie, pop, rock, folky and dreamy sonic goodies from across the decades. Should be a good time. Martin Frawley Bandcamp: Lachlan Denton Bandcamp: Workhorse Bandcamp: Martin Frawley (Band) John Curtain Hotel Friday 18th August 2023: Image: Martin Frawley – The Wannabe – Album Cover (2023).

(Intro Song) Do Your Thing by The Clean from Modern Rock
Heart In Hand by Martin Frawley from The Wannabe
You by Lachlan Denton from Furnishings
Slip Away by Martin Frawley from The Wannabe
He War by Cat Power from You Are Free
Someday Song by Mylee Grace from Whiplash In The Moshpit
Guards Down by Dag from Benefits Of Solitude
Defeat by Workhorse from No Sun
Simple Life by Mum Smokes from Railroads Chasms And Fantasies
Dead Radio by Rowland S. Howard from Teenage Snuff Film
Take Your Time by Paul Kelly & The Messengers from Comedy
Until Then (1971 Version) by Tresa Leigh from I Miss You / Until Then 7″
I’ll Be The Rock by Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton from Keep On Trying

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