Fire In The Hole – 09:30 PM September 22, 2023

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6:11 pm: Let’s Shake by Teenage Head from Frantic City
6:11 pm: Kick Out The Jams by MC5 from Best Of MC5
6:11 pm: It’s On The Rocks by The Donnas from Spend The Night
6:11 pm: Rollin’ Away by American Six Gun from The Devil In Your Bones
6:11 pm: Hang On by The Casanovas from No Time For Love EP
6:11 pm: Mississipi Queen by Mountain from Climbing
6:11 pm: Strike Up The Band by Michael Stanley Band from Ladie’s Choice
6:11 pm: China Vagina by China Vagina from China Vagina
6:11 pm: Sail On Sail Away by Moxy from Moxy
6:11 pm: Rock Candy by Montrose from Montrose
6:11 pm: Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT by KIX from Blow My Fuse
6:11 pm: Turn Up The Good Times by King Kobra from King Kobra
6:11 pm: Dresden by Cold Chisel from Breakfast At Sweethearts
6:11 pm: Dr Rock by George Lynch from Guitar Slinger
6:11 pm: Prince Kajuku by UFO from The Decca Years. Best Of 1970-1973
6:11 pm: The Least You Can Do by The Demics from The Demics
6:11 pm: Little Queen by Heart from Heart
6:11 pm: Pretty Bad Boys by Goddo from Pretty Bad Boys
6:11 pm: She Rides by Rhino Bucket from And Then It Got Ugly
6:11 pm: Smith And Wesson Blues by Radio Birdman from Living Eyes EP
6:11 pm: Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Warrant from Cherry Pie
6:11 pm: Renegade by Styx from Pieces Of Eight
6:11 pm: Merry-Go-Round by The James Gang from Newborn
6:11 pm: Fireball by Deep Purple from Fireball
6:11 pm: Stoned (Live) by Silverchair from Pure Massacre EP
6:11 pm: Yoda by Weird Al Yankovic from The Essential Weird Al Yankovic

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