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RUNNING SHEET Judy-Ann & Co & Paul Dastey 3mdr 97.1fm Mon. 11 December 2023

RUNNING SHEET Judy-Ann & Co & Paul Dastey 3mdr 97.1fm Mon 11 December 2023 1000 Judy-Ann & Co promo 1000 Sponsors Messages 1003 Station ID –Harry Lime’s ThemeDisc 1 Trk 6 -100Years of Cinema 2.13mins Mention Sponsors: Mark – Star of Emerald Jewellers – 0457 287 250; Smart Burn, Jean Petitt- Brown Lifetime sponso,r Cat Tregillis Gemco; Dr Geoff Pain; Helen Leatham; Topics; 1028 Sponsors Messages… 1030 Music ….Frank Sinatra … All the Way 10.33 Phone: Mick & Cheryl Gatto, Founding Members 0414 315 427 ‘Equal Access for Autism’ • .Colourful Melbourne Identity, mediator, boxing enthusiast, has seen first hand how debilitating autism affects, not just the person but the families as well. This has led he and his wife Cheryl to set up with mutually interested people, this Foundation ‘Equal Access for Autism’. • Last Sunday 800 people attended the walk for ‘Equal Access for Autism’ • What triggered this need to set up this Foundation? • They have a grandson Dominic who is on the spectrum and because they are aware of the challenges facing those with additional needs and their families, they decided to start a foundation which can raise funds to and make a difference. • How many Board Members did you need? • There are three other Board Members, two who have children with autism and a Chairperson whose executive background and experience will provide guidance relating to governance processes and outcomes necessary to achieve the goals of the Foundation. One of their aims is: Playgrounds to provide access to and use of safe recreational facilities and opportunities that are not currently available to them within their communities. • OBJECTIVES • The aim of the Foundation is to support adolescents and young adults with Autism who are dependent on support workers, family members and extended family Provide services to these special people giving them the security of inclusion allowing the comfort to their families knowing their loved ones are able to explore beyond their restricted mainstream facilities. To eliminate the feeling of exclusion and isolation so these people with special needs can enjoy recreational activities to the max. How to Get Involved 1058 Sponsors Messages ———————————————————————————————– 1100 Music: Topic: Executive for Group Investigations and Fraud unit: Chris Sheehan With more than 27 years’ experience at the Australian Federal Police (AFP) before joining NAB’s Investigations and Fraud tem, he’s seen first-hand how these multinational crime groups work. RUNNING SHEET Judy-Ann & Co & Paul Dastey 3mdr 97.1fm Thurs 11 Dec 2023… 2 of 3… Scams have a truly devastating impact on their victims, wreaking havoc on their finances and emotional wellbeing. The ACCC’s Targeting Scams report presents the scale and sophistication of scams in Australia. Australians lost more than $2 billion to scams in 2021. Around 96% of people reported being exposed to a scam in the last five years, with half of these contacted on a weekly or daily basis. This is not a case of a couple of kids with a laptop operating out of a garage. These are the same criminals running drug trafficking rings and organised crime syndicates. They are transnational, well resourced, resilient and ruthless. It’s distressing to see the impact these criminals are having on many families and communities. Four types of customer scams impacting our customers most are: • Investment scams: people tricked into transferring large sums of money to scammers pretending to provide legitimate investment options. While the theme varies, fake cryptocurrency scams are currently most prevalent. Business email compromise: where scammers hack into email accounts and change the payment details on invoices, or request payments to new accounts. • Romance scams: targeting vulnerable people or those looking for a companion, convincing them to transfer money to help their cause. • Remote access scams: where people are targeted by phone, email or SMS by scammers pretending to be from your bank, telco or a government agency. • In 2021, NAB blocked or prevented over a million scams targeting our customers, and were able to save or recover over $60 million of our customers’ money. • Scams are a serious, rapidly growing problem. The issue requires a comprehensive public and private sector response spanning across different business sectors, levels of government and agencies to keep our community safe. • NAB has established strategic intelligence and capability sharing partnerships with the AFP, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). We have seconded staff to the AFP to deepen both organisations’ understanding of the criminal threats and help stop crime. Each year we invest tens of millions of dollars into technology and expertise to prevent fraud and scams and protect our customers. We use new technologies like biometrics and have a team of experts monitoring customer accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to detect unusual account activity. We’re currently recruiting another 80 people to join our team to sit alongside the hundreds of experts we have with diverse backgrounds including ex-police, cyber experts and IT specialists. 3 key pieces of advice to help you protect yourself and your family: 1. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) This is when you use a password to log in, plus a one-time password or code sent to your phone. It provides an added layer of security that confirms your identity when logging into an online service or account, helping to prevent unauthorised access. 2. Send your payments using PayID Using a PayID to transfer money to a person or business provides an extra check that the money is going to the intended recipient. It gives you the confidence you’re paying the person you intended. 3. Stay vigilant and educated If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Never be pressured to pay immediately for something, or provide personal or banking information during an unsolicited phone call. If you’re unsure if a call is legitimate, hang up and call the business directly using the phone number on their website. Once your money leaves your account the likelihood your bank can recover it is low. In most cases, scammed funds are moved overseas withinhours RUNNING SHEET Judy-Ann & Co & Paul Dastey 3mdr 97.1fm Thurs 11 Dec 2023… 3 of 3… Last year, we ran more than 70 free customer education sessions and provide regular updates and advice to our customers on how they can protect themselves. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to fix this growing societal problem. We know we have an important role to play and we are working hard to do more, but it will take a village to come together to raise awareness and to take action against these predators. Chris Sheehan is NAB’s Executive for Group Investigations and Fraud. Prior to NAB, he spent over 27 years working for the Australian Federal Police. NAB Media Line on 03 7035 5015 1130 Sponsors Messages 1132 Music … 1135 Studio: Tina Nabb Musician & singer & volunteer at 3mdr 1055 IC Capt Blood Robin Hood Trk 8 (CD

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