Judy-Ann and Company – 10:00 AM December 4, 2023

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RUNNING SHEET Judy-Ann & Co & Paul Dastey 3mdr 97.1fm Mon 4 December 2023

RUNNING SHEET Judy-Ann & Co & Paul Dastey 3mdr 97.1fm Mon 4 December 2023 1000 Judy-Ann & Co promo 1000 Sponsors Messages 1003 Station ID –Harry Lime’s ThemeDisc 1 Trk 6 -100Years of Cinema 2.13mins Mention Sponsors: Mark – Star of Emerald Jewellers – 0457 287 250; Smart Burn, Jean Petitt- Brown Lifetime sponso,r Cat Tregillis Gemco; Dr Geoff Pain; Helen Leatham; Topics; 1028 Sponsors Messages… 1030 Music ….Star Trek concert … 10.33 Phone :Gen. Manager Scienceworks & Planetarium • Johnathon Shearer 0411 560 548 • Glo Show: • Take a seat in our Lightning Room and be mesmerised by this visually stunning 30-minute live science show. • Be in awe of the science of glow and explore the fascinating processes behind luminosity, including the many ways a glow can be produced. Discover the science of fluorescence, how animals can appear bright at night and the brilliant, coloured effects of using different materials to make light. • In the spectacular finale, witness our giant Tesla coil light up the theatre with lightning using more than 2 million volts of electricity. • ———————————————– • The Great Melbourne Telescope was the first ever large, fully steerable telescope designed to see beyond our galaxy, allowing astronomers to look deep into our nearest galactic neighbours, the large and small Magellanic Clouds. • The telescope was built in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1860s, then shipped out to colonial Melbourne, funded by the Victorian gold rush. The telescope was at the forefront of modern astronomy for 134 years, from its first light in Melbourne in 1869, right through to its use (after modernisation) in the search for dark matter at Mount Stromlo, ACT, in the 1990s. • Following the tragic end of the telescope’s scientific life in the 2003 Canberra bushfires, volunteers from the Astronomical Society of Victoria and Museums Victoria staff have been restoring the telescope to working condition, for public viewing experiences. • The restoration can be seen on daily display in the South Pumping Station, accessible via the Pumping Station central courtyard. Volunteers progress restoration works on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. • Open 10am to 4:30 pm daily. Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.Children2 Booker Street Spotswood, Victoria • under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Scienceworks Opening on Saturday 9 December 2023, Air Playground offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore and interact with the marvels of one of Earth’s most amazing invisible realms: air. RUNNING SHEET Judy-Ann & Co & Paul Dastey Thurs 4 December 2023 …2 of 3 • Step into a world of fun and discovery within Scienceworks’ expansive 600 square-metre exhibition space. • This kaleidoscopic, hands-on exhibition will captivate young minds and science lovers alike, unravelling the mysteries of the atmosphere. Explore the science of air through playful interactive zones including: Squish: Embark on a full-body experience as you grapple with a colossal, tentacled inflatable sculpture – it’s like a giant hug from the air! Fly: Let your inner aviator take off as you craft and launch your very own paper planes in an aerodynamic extravaganza. It’s an aviation enthusiast’s dream come true. Whoosh: Brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement as you ‘whoosh’ scarves through a tangle of air tubes then play catch as the scarves float dreamily to the ground Flow: Step into a dreamy breeze-filled wonderland where soft fabric tubes and floating balls dance with the wind demonstrate mesmerising magic of airflow redirection. • Air Playground • Open: Saturday 9 December 2023 to Sunday 8 October 2024 Scienceworks, Booker Avenue, Spotswood • Tickets: on sale now via the Scienceworks website • Adult – $25 Senior – $20 Concession – $10 Child (3–16) – $10 • Member adult/concession/child (3-16) – $8 1058 Sponsors Messages ———————————————————————————————— 1100 Music: Tiddas… Create Another Day 1103 Phone: Kelly Johnson Mypolonga, Woodlane Orchard 0410 041 222 • Preserving caste off grade food. Featured on TV’s Landline ring 0493 256 483 • 12 Nov.last. • How it all started • Woodlane Orchard began in 2019 by purchasing surplus and ‘seconds’ produce locally, dehydrating it and creating soups, meals, snacks and garnishes. Owner (Kelly) spent 15 years as a Scout Leader – and during this time, perfected the art of creating delicious, nutritious ready meals that could be prepared in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds) and stored without refrigeration. Where we’re at now • The last 12 months have been enormous for the team, as we opened and closed a shop front in rural Mypolonga, were finalists in The Eat Easy Awards, The Premiers Food and Beverage Awards, the Telstra Best of Business RUNNING SHEET Judy-Ann & Co & Paul Dastey Thurs 4 December 2023 …3 of 3… • awards in Sustainability, expanded staff numbers, and introduced a new range of products for hikers. • After mounting feedback from customers we have developed a smaller, single and double serve size product called seniors. • The owners of Pomigold another Mypolonga Business have invited the business to share their location. We feel very lucky to be now running from their factory with 4 staff and are looking forward to sharing our products even further afield. • Most of Sphiker and Woodlane’s products are completely preservative free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. When you purchase one of our products you are buying nothing but natural dehydrated fruit, vegetable, stock, herbs and spices. 1130 Sponsors Messages 1132 Music …Pure Moods…Sweet Lullaby 1135 Phone: Michael Eden, Farm Lead at Wallara 0407 990 286 • Transforming unused land into a thriving urban farm. • ., a leading service provider for adults with disabilities offering employment, accommodation, learning and lifestyle and recreational activities, has announced the successful installation of 42 Foodcubes on their premises, transforming a quarter-acre of previously unused land into a thriving urban farm., offering fresh produce to the community. The Foodcubes at Wallara, on the Mornington Peninsula, have become a vital part of the Sages Cottage Farm, supporting Sages Café, offering a farm-to-plate experience for visitors. The harvested vegetables and fruits are used in the café’s menu items, and any surplus produce is either used to feed animals on the farm or sold as fresh produce at the Sages store and Mornington Market Stall. • Farm tours for corporates, schools and the public, showcase clients’ abilities as they talk with visitors on the benefits of the Foodcube system. Biofilta or food cube What’s On: 1154 1055 IC Capt Blood Robin Hood Trk 8 (CD Single trk) Start low(12Mins

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