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Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm 9 Oct 2023.

Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm 9 Oct 2023. 903 Station ID–Harry Lime’s Theme – Disc 1 Trk 6 – 100Years of Cinema 2.13 mins Sponsors: Jean Pettit-Brown, for Life; Smart Burn, Cat Tregillis Gemco; Dr Geoff Pain; Helen Leatham; Topics: Radiothon Shockingly Good Radio till 15 Oct Subscribe at 3mdr • 1812 Theatre Director – Neil Barnett- Phantom Call • Raymond Hoser the Snake Man , Snake Catcher, Dog snake avoidance.com.au • Janine Scott – Exhibition Dir Mind Body Spirit – Thurs 12 – Sun 15 Oct. Vic Rds; fallen trees – excess was $1,100 now $1,500 • Geni Foundation Buckminster Fuller • On our National level, the Hydrogen plant is all set to go in Whyalla, SA, and the milestones continue to fall in Australia’s rapidly evolving electricity grid, with rooftop solar meeting all of South Australia’s native or underlying demand in the early afternoon on Saturday. • On the International scale, building super-grids is our future, tapping into the abundant renewable energy, no matter where it is, and transmitting it to where the people live. GENI has been proposing this idea since the 1990s! The critically endangered swift parrot 2023 Australian bird of the year. After ranking around 10th place during the early days of voting, the swift parrot emerged as a frontrunner this week amid a grassroots campaign to raise awareness about its desperate situation. Final 24 hours of polling, 11,171 votes cast for swift parrot, placing it 442 points ahead of the tawny frogmouth, 10,729 votes. 1028 Sponsors Messages 28 mins 1020 Music…Crackers Opening credits from film of the same name • 1812 Theatre Director – Neil Barnett- Phantom Call 0400 883 211 • Rags-to-riches tale, beginning with a séance, attended by an unsuspecting group of very amateur spiritualists and one very sceptic and unwilling participant. • Imagine receiving horseracing tips from “the other side” which actually prove to be on the money. • This is an entertaining and very funny romp, which perhaps uncovers a different side to each of their personalities. More importantly how does a “hair artiste” have inside information about the Sydney race industry and will it affect life as we know it. All tickets are $28.00 each Factory storing odd & unusual stuff. prop Now till 28 0ct. wed to sat. mattinees sun 4 pm Office 9758 3964 1058 Sponsors messages ——————————————————————————————————– 1100 Music…The Snake by Eric Church • Raymond Hoser the Snake Man , Snake Catcher, 0412 777 211 • Dog snake avoidance training.com.au • Snakebusters • Snake Catcher ® Snakeman reptile shows, snake removals and capture, • Raymond Hoser is The Snake Man. Besides being the owner of the business Reptile Shows, he is the world’s foremost reptile and frog expert by all measurable criteria & is Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm 9 Oct 2023. -2- • Australia’s best known authority on reptiles, having appeared on TV documentaries globally, authored nine major books, contributed to hundreds of others and published hundreds of peer reviewed scientific papers and monographs. • Raymond has discovered and named far more species, genera, tribes and families of snake than any other person in history, totalling over 300 specis and genera and from all parts of the world. • He has also discovered and named hundreds of species of lizard (more than any other person alive), as well as over 40 species of turtle, 4 species of crocodile, over 115 species of frogs, some • fish and over 20 species of mammals, giving a grand total of over 2,000 taxa discovered and named by the Snakeman. In case it has been missed, no one in history has discovered and named as many species and subspecies of reptile than Raymond Hoser, the total being more than 800 as of mid 2022. It is also almost impossible to find a reptile text published in the last decade from anywhere in the world, that does not cite Snakeman Raymond Hoser as a global name authority. Some impressive stats current as of mid year 2023 include the following: – More snake species discovered and named than by anyone else in Australian history; – More species of snake, lizard (or combined) discovered and named than by anyone else dead or alive (over 600 species); – More species of Australian reptile and frog (combined) discovered and named than anyone else in history (over 210 reptile species and over 90 frog species), being about 1 in 6 for each in Australia; – More species of Australian frog discovered and named than by anyone else ever (over 90 species); – More species (13) (or genera (4)) of rattlesnakes discovered and named than by anyone else; – More species of viper discovered and named than by anyone else (dozens); – More species of elapid snake discovered and named than by anyone else (dozens); – More species of pythons and boas discovered and named than by anyone else ever (dozens); – More species of monitor lizards (the big ones!) than anyone else in history (dozens); – More genera of snakes discovered and named than anyone else ever! (hundreds); – More species of pygmy possum discovered and named than by anyone else in history (6); – More species of turtle, tortoise and terrapin named than by anyone else born in the last 150 years (over 35) and so it goes on… Then there’s Hoser’s countless world firsts and scientific breakthroughs including first to breed numerous reptile species, first to breed reptiles using artificial insemination, first to successfully surgically devenomize world’s deadliest snakes by internal excision, first to develop life-saving Canine Snake Avoidance ® training to save dogs lives from venomous snake bites using the devenomized snakes, all the preceding now copied or duplicated woldwide, countless other major scientific discoveries, etc. Hoser is also the man who owns Snakebusters ®, independently rated as Australia’s best reptiles ® shows, incursions, courses and for kids the legendary reptile parties ®. Snakebusters are Australia’s only hands-on reptiles ® shows where audience is allowed to handle the animals®. Less experienced imitators only allow “show and tell” or boring “static displays”. Snakebusters are also the only vet certified and guaranteed safe deadly snake shows in the world, with surgically devenomized snakes, proven so by testing (on people) over the last ten years! Yes the deadly snakes he’s holding in the photo to the right have bitten him many times and he remains alive to tell the story. It’s alleged that the snake man tastes of cucumbers and lettuce! website: snakebusters.com.au 11.31 Sponsors Messages ————————————————————————————————————————– • Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm 9 Oct 2023. -3- 1133 Music …Ocaso performing Oznova track 22 mins plus out music runs 7 • Janine Scott – Exhibition Director 0409 139 037 • Mind Body Spirit – Thurs 12 till Sun 15 Oct. Book free tickets on line • Melb CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE Jeffs shed • Looking for the ultimate health and wellness experience? Look no further than the MindBodySpirit Festival! With over 34 years of experience, this festival has everything you need to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. • • From the latest wellness trends to cooking demonstrations, and free expert advice, there’s something for everyone. • With over 200 exhibitors unveiling the latest and most innovative products and an anticipated attendance of more than 18,000 throughout the weekend, this festival is your ultimate destination to fully immerse yourself in the realm of health and wellness. • Join industry professionals as they share their expertise and dazzle the audience with remarkable performances. Seeking a moment of serenity and self-reflection? The meditation room provides the ideal setting for relaxation, mindfulness, and expressing gratitude. Step into the Psychic • Reading Room and unlock the mysteries of the unseen • visitors have a chance to thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes! • MindBodySpirit Festival • Thursday 12th – Sunday 15st October • 10am- 7pm daily (6pm close on Sunday) • Free tickets at mbsfestival.com.au • MD Jane Ford 0406 427 202 • Topics: The largest grid interconnector project in history just took a big leap forward • Michelle Lewis, Jul 25 2023, Electrek from a Geni report. • The EuroAsia grid interconnector – the longest and deepest in the world – will connect Greece, Israel, and Cyprus. • EuroAsia’s 525kV high voltage direct current (HVDC) subsea cable will be the world’s longest – it will run 310 km (190 miles • ) from Israel to Cyprus, and 898 km (558 miles) from Cyprus to Greece, for a total of 1,208 km (751 miles). That’s the same distance as between St. Petersburg and Berlin. • It will also be the world’s deepest grid interconnector: It will run across the Mediterranean Sea floor, with its lowest sub-sea point reaching depths of over 3,000 meters (9,843 feet) What’s On: 1157 MUSIC; CAPTAIN BLOOD – ROBIN HOOD Start on low volume at 5 mins to 11 a.m. (Have let it run 7 mins)

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