Judy-Ann and Company – 10:00 AM September 25, 2023

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Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm 25 Sept. 2023

Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm 25 Sept. 2023 0903 Station ID–Harry Lime’s Theme – Disc 1 Trk 6 – 100Years of Cinema 2.13 mins Sponsors: Smart Burn, Cat Tregillis Gemco; Dr Geoff Pain; Helen Leatham; Topics: Roger Whittiker passed last week • Waiting in queues – Wimbeldon queue experience – pamphlet on queuing. 1028 Sponsors Messages 28 mins ——————————————————————————————– 1030 Michael Buxton 03 5968 3540 or 0417 153 872 Professor Environment & Planning RMIT University, Melb.. • Michael has served in senior positions in govt, politics & academia: authored or co-authored 20 books & monographs & over eighty articles in various forms. He lives in Melbourne. • New Housing Policy • Green Wedge at risk? • Social and Affordable Housing Housing Australia Future Fund The government is establishing the $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund to provide a sustainable funding source to increase housing supply and improve service delivery. Investments from the Fund will seek to draw in new investment from state and territory governments and private capital providers to deliver new social housing projects. The Fund will provide 20,000 new social housing dwellings, 4,000 of which will be allocated to women and children impacted by family and domestic violence and older women at risk of homelessness. It will also provide 10,000 new affordable housing dwellings, including for frontline workers. • In its first 5 years, the Fund will also provide: $200 million for the repair, maintenance and improvements of housing in remote Indigenous communities • $100 million for crisis and transitional housing options for women and children fleeing domestic and family violence and older women on low incomes who are at risk of homelessness • $30 million to build more housing and fund specialist services for veterans who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk homelessness/ The government has increased the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation’s liability cap by $2 billion to a total of $7.5 billion, which will support more lending to community housing providers for social and affordable housing projects. This initiative will make it easier for people to access secure and affordable housing. From the Guardian: • Critics say the government has scrapped the rulebook for developers. Under the housing statement, it will be easier for developers to bypass opposition from local government and community groups, and build taller and denser apartments and renovate homes. Why wouldn’t those groups support that? • Others would argue the deal is actually better than the 1.75% social housing levy proposed last year. • Instead of taking in all developments with three or more dwellings or lot subdivisions – affecting first home buyers and those buying new builds in outer suburbs (ie: plenty of Labor voters) – the new plan affects developments worth more than $50m in Melbourne ($15m in regional Victoria). Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm 25 Sept. 2023 -2—cont. • In exchange for faster planning approvals on these projects, developers must allocate at least 10% of units to affordable housing. If they don’t want to, they must give at least 3% of their build’s total value to the government agency Homes Victoria and it will then be spent on social housing. • Revenue from a 7.5% levy on short-stay accommodation such as Airbnb will also be funnelled into Homes Victoria. • Both initiatives provide a boost to social housing that is desperately needed as the state’s waitlist continues to grow. Not to mention few Victorians have sympathy for the developers and holiday-home owners affected. Other governments are aware of this and are considering following suit. 1058 Sponsors messages ———————————————————————————————————— 1100 Music… 1103 Bob Phelps from Gene Ethics 0449 769 066 Part 1 of 2 31.24 mins 1 GM safflower a fiasco 2 Dimethoate ban a furphy 3 International Day of Action opposing Industrial GM Tree Plantation 4. Roundup class action begins in Melbourne Melbourne 5 Similar claims from over 100,000 Americans are being settled for $11 billion but up to 30,000 remain unresolved and claims keep rolling in. 6. Monash IVF sued 11.31 Sponsors Messages ————————————————————————————————————————– 1133 Music … Part 2 of 2 Bob Phelps from Gene Ethics 22.46 mins 7 Donor-conceived people were denied health records and letters from their fathers, some who died without access to their gene-related health status, and inadvertent sister/brother incest was not ruled out. 8. Designing future babies for reason may echo the horrors of 20th Century eugenics when ‘defective’ people were eliminated or sterilised 9. Lab Grown Meat 10 CSIRO-owned Main Sequence Ventures invests heavily in meat-free start-up comp. 11 Who Controls the World’s Seeds? 12 Just four companies control over two-thirds of seed and pesticide sales worldwide: Bayer-Monsanto, BASF, Corteva Agriscience and ChemChina-Syngenta ————————————————————————————————————- 1157 MUSIC; CAPTAIN BLOOD – ROBIN HOOD Start on low volume at 5 mins to 11 a.m. (Have let it run 7 mins)

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