Judy-Ann and Company – 10:00 AM September 11, 2023

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Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm Thur 11 Sept. 2023

Running sheet – Judy-Ann & Co. 3mdr 97.1fm Thur 11 Sept. 2023 0903 Station ID–Harry Lime’s Theme – Disc 1 Trk 6 – 100Years of Cinema 2.13 mins Sponsors: Smart Burn, Cat Tregillis Gemco; Dr Geoff Pain; Helen Leatham; Topics: Tipping in US 1028 Sponsors Messages 28 mins ——————————————————————————————– 1030 Music … • Reece Pianta, 0422 935 665 • Advocacy officer with the Invasive Species Council • Jack Gough, 0427 712 101 • Fire ants breach Queensland containment zones six times as authorities try to stop march to NSW border- Recent Guardian Article Experts say pest eradication program is underfunded and it is a ‘matter of time’ before ants move beyond Queensland • The ants swarm aggressively and inflict a sting that can itch and burn for an hour. In rare cases, people have died from allergic reactions. • Fire ants have breached containment zones in south-east Queensland six times in the past six weeks, triggering the expansion of biosecurity controls at the New South Wales border. • The imported red fire ants – considered one of the world’s worst invasive species – were detected at a site at Tallebudgera last week, about 5.5km from the NSW border. The find was the farthest south the pest has been detected in Queensland. The march of the species towards the border comes amid calls for an aggressive pivot – and much more funding – to ensure the success of a faltering eradication program. NSW at ‘extreme risk’ of fire ant invasion after nest discovered 5.5km from border The discovery at Tallebudgera automatically triggered a NSW biosecurity control order – enacted in February – that bans or restricts the movement of certain materials from within 5km of any site where red imported fire ants have been detected. Soil, mulch, baled hay, turf and other materials cannot be moved across the NSW border from an “infested area” without inspection and certification. Under that order, most major motorway border crossings are now within controlled areas. The NSW agriculture minister, Tara Moriarty, said it was important to keep NSW free from this invasive and aggressive pest. She said if it became established it would “have a huge impact on the way we live our lives and could affect our export markets and ability to trade”. Murray watt /fed tierey /state, Invasives.org.au Fireants.org.au 1058 Sponsors messages ———————————————————————————————————— 1100 Music… • Adam Turner All things technical 0438 612 381 • Mobile phones: Flips & Foldables • Podcast – Vertical Hold 1128 Sponsors Messages ————————————————————————————————————- 1130 Music.. 25 mins plus out music runs 7 Studio – Behan: The Ghost rider 0418 106 006 • Presenting: The Golden Age of Rock’n Roll – from the Dawn of 50’s, til the twilight of the 60’s.Mond. 1 3 pm • Topics: The largest grid interconnector project in history just took a big leap forward • Michelle Lewis, Jul 25 2023, Electrek from a Geni report. • The EuroAsia grid interconnector – the longest and deepest in the world – will connect Greece, Israel, and Cyprus. • EuroAsia’s 525kV high voltage direct current (HVDC) subsea cable will be the world’s longest – it will run 310 km (190 miles) from Israel to Cyprus, and 898 km (558 miles) from Cyprus to Greece, for a total of 1,208 km (751 miles). That’s the same distance as between St. Petersburg and Berlin. • It will also be the world’s deepest grid interconnector: It will run across the Mediterranean Sea floor, with its lowest sub-sea point reaching depths of over 3,000 meters (9,843 feet). What’s On: 057 MUSIC; CAPTAIN BLOOD – ROBIN HOOD Start on low volume at 5 mins to 11 a.m. (Have let it run 7 mins)

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