Kaleidoscope – 03:00 PM October 23, 2023

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Kaleidoscope – Program 022

Caldonia by B B King
All Directions Are Up by Cyber Zen Sound Engine
Adagio Dolente by Paul Speer
Along Came Man by Bruce Mathiske
Compassion Deficit by Leigh Sloggett
Angelyne by Bryan Clark
Another Land by Sounds of the Outback
Parallel Life by The Starseeds
Lotus Ode by Yeskim
Same Love That Made Me Laugh by Al Jarreau
Union Of Body And Sound by Govinda
Boxcar Blues by Boxcar Willie
Sweet Potato by Mem Shannon
Daughter Of The Midnight Sun by Cecilia
The Quiet Life by Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson
Still Shinin’ by Mustered Courage
Rapture by Code Indigo
Edgy Does It by Bruce Mathiske
Cry Baby by Lana Martino-Smith
No More Cotton by Sacred Spirit
Wild And Free by Jenny Biddle
Step It Up & Go by The Richard Steele Trio
A Love That Hurts by Jimmy Warren

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