Kaleidoscope – 03:00 PM July 31, 2023

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Kaleidoscope – Program 011

Where I Want To Be by Marcia Howard
Prairie Wedding by Mark Knopfler
Summertime Blues by Alan Jackson
Fire of Love by Gabriela Anders
World To Me by Huey Lewis & The News
Texas Flood by Willie Nelson & Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Rockin’ At Midnight by The Honeydrippers
Tell Your Story Walking by Fiona Boyes
Looking For The Clues by Leigh Sloggett
Your Sweet Lovin’ by Margie Joseph
Planet Us by Tribe
Whatever’s Written In Your Hear by Erin Bode
I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now by Emmylou Harris
Classical Soul by Oscar Lopez
Your Love Is My Home by Ian Parker
Hollywood Perfume by The Pretenders
Castles Made Of Sand by Sounds of Blackness
The Golden Rule by Jimi Hocking
Jacarandigo by Bruce Bec Var
Round ‘n’ Round by Tinpan Orange
Nobody’s Fault But Mine by Eric Bibb
The Last Laugh by Mark Knopfler & Van Morrison

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