Lips That Bite – 07:00 PM December 6, 2023

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Lips that Bite by Downtown Boys from Cost of Living
Overdrawn by Bumpy
Blak Nation by Emma Donovan
Change Has To Come by Mo’Ju from Oro Plata Mata
2am Diner by Nat Vazer from Strange Adrenaline
Go Easy by Chitra
Back of My Hand by Bachelor from Doomin’ Sun
Hanahaki Disease by The Vovos from Lilla Gubben
Resolution/Revolution by The Linda Lindas
Shitlist by L7 from Bricks Are Heavy
Cooler Than Mars by L7
Not Today by Moody Beaches from Acid Ocean
The Recipe by Gut Health from Singles ’23
Time For You by Cable Ties from All Her Plans
Things You Say by Big Joanie & Sleater-Kinney from Dig Me In: a Dig Me Out compilation album
Give Boys Pink Toys by Laura Imbruglia from Scared of You
Hell by Sleater-Kinney from Little Rope
QT Jones by Fish leg from Lux does the Flux
Find the Sound by Bad Bangs from Character Building
Cramps by Slow Pulp from Yard
Like an Egg by Dog Name from Dog Name
The Sun by Patio from Collection
Highways by Delicious Monsters from Freedom Plastic Realistic?
Trust In Me by Private Lives from HIT RECORD
Get Wrecked by Current Affairs from Off the Tongue
Initiative by Shopping from All or Nothing
Cross Me Out by Sweeping Promises from Hunger for a Way Out
For Sure by Tiger Trap from Tiger Trap
Nowhere Fast by Ribbon Stage from HIT WITH THE MOST
Lift Weights by Terrible Truths from Terrible Truths
Oh Wow by Plaster of Paris from Lost Familiar

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