Lips That Bite – 07:00 PM January 10, 2024

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MY DRUGS ARE DIGITAL by Holy Wars from Eat It Up Spit It Out
Gas Light by The Sweaty Bettys from The Sweaty Bettys
Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos from Under the Pink
We’re In It Togther by Rich Aucoin
Dear X by Second Idol
Where Is My Mind by Pixies from Surfer Rosa
HAMMS IN A GLASS by Winona Fighter
Home by Ten Cent Tiger from Moments
Open Sea by Kicked-In Bickie Tin
Optics by Muscle Mary
Scapegoat by Aquatico
Vay Dünya by Altin Gün from Gece
Call Our Own by Habibi from Somewhere They Can’t Find Us
Slumber by SLØTFACE from Try Not To Freak Out
Tell Me About Europe by Nead Next Door from Side B
Autonomic Nerve Dysfunction by Alice Cotton
Bowls Club by SWEAT from Blood n Tears
Safe Haven by Glass Stains
She Said by Mo-Louie
Rise by Pandamatic
Dust Lust by Aimee Volkofsky

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