Lips That Bite – 07:00 PM January 24, 2024

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Today’s theme for the program is solidarity in lieu of invasion day, also known as survival day, coming up this Friday the 26th. We’ll be sharing views tonight that are our own, and we don’t speak on behalf of the station. This Friday is a day of solidarity with Palistians right now fighting to survive alongside Indigenous voices here. “None of us are free until we are all free.” is the rally cry right now and we are calling for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine. Keep the conversation and awareness alive. You can support the campaign being run in partnership with First Nations Futures and Palestine Australia Relief and Action fund – purchasing their dial posters: Alway Was Always Will Be & Palestine Will be Free – the revenue being split eveningly between both causes You can find out more by going to our instagram. Tonight we’re going to playing a mix of Palestinian and First Nations artists, that are based here in Naarm and overseas.

Acknowledge by Malaika Mfalme from Yasmin
Teen Trash by Charli Oh
From Gaza, With Love by Saint Levant
Hard Thing by Yara from Lonely Love Affair
Bad Behaviour by Yara from Bad Behaviour
Home ft. Benny Vee by Crooked TP from Life
I am me by Crooked TP from Life
Turn Over by Sazzy Alilie
Freedom & Rights by Sazzy Alilie
Family by Black Rock Band from Struggle
Struggle by Black Rock Band from Struggle
Red Black and Yellow by Black Rock Band from Identity
Shadows by Briggs, Troy Cassar-Daley
Good Trouble by Eskatology, ft Steve Clisby
Voting Day by Eskatology
Live and Love by Outback Empire
Let’s Just See by Outback Empire
Stay by Kicked-In Bickie Tin
Open Sea by Kicked-In Bickie Tin
Floor by Kicked-In Bickie Tin
Week on Repeat by Beddy Rays
Not Human by OE from Not Human
Silence by Cog from The New Normal

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