Lips That Bite – 07:00 PM January 3, 2024

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Rebirth & Letting Go of Baggage

We curated a playlist that sent you on a journey of rebirth and letting go of baggage in 2024. What do you want to let go this year? Evrim and Benny will be taking over from Michelle until May on Wednesday nights 7-9pm.

Lips that Bite by Downtown Boys from Cost of Living
Getting Better by The Chats from Get Fucked
Happy Pessimistic People Person Introvert by Sick Visor from For Wise People Who Appreciate Quality
Hope Is A Risk by The Maggie Pills from Hope Is A Risk
Time Traveler by Birdhouse
Leerers by Shrimpwitch from Gave Me the Itch
I Don’t Care by SWEAT
Don’t Honk At Me by SCUD from Car EP
Haircut Song by Coldwave from No Conflict EP
Born To Be Alive by Amyl and the Sniffers
Thank You by Young Rising Sons
W.I.F.I by Wildermiss from Levitate
U(ke) Ain’t Enough by The Sonder Bombs from MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR
Minimum Chips by Shrimpwitch from Eggs Eggs Eggs EP
Betty Dreams Of Green Men by Guerilla Toss from GT ULTRA
Mind Renovation by The Dorsal Fins from Mind Renovation
Bowie On The Beach by Empat Lima from Cling Clang Clutter
Neoprene Byzantine by Closure in Moscow from Pink Lemonade
Letters to my Exes by Emma Yue
Do Better by Zig Zag
A Real Thing by The Beths
Girls on the TV by Laura Jean from Devotion
Nothing Matters by Nardean
Acidic by Imbi the Girl
You’re Grounded by Allara & Olenka

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