Lips That Bite – 07:00 PM October 25, 2023

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Lips that Bite by Downtown Boys from Cost of Living
Flat Coins by Porpoise Spit from Don’t Quit
Blood Sugars by The Secret Migraines from A Love Letter to Helen
Bug Like an Angel by Mitski from The Land is Inhospitable and so are We
Eye on the Bat by Palehound from Eye on the Bat
All I Do by Bully from Lucky for You
Thoughts Back by Cable Ties from All Her Plans
Butcher Baby by Licklash from Psychic Hysteria & Friends #1
P.C.H by It Thing
Evil Insider by SMOOCH from A Force to Be Rockin’ With
All Lined Up by Sheer Mag
SCAPEGOAT by Aquatico
Internalise by Plaster of Paris from Lost Familiar
Foolish by Mermaidens from Mermaidens
R&B by English Teacher
Scratchcard Lanyard by Dry Cleaning from New Long Leg
Direct Debit by screensaver from Decent Shapes
Red Lines by screensaver from Decent Shapes
Dance Off by Hearts and Rockets from Power
Warning sign by InfraGhosts from Body Heat
Impressions by Light Transmissions
Good Girl by June Jones
Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work by Solange from True
Shoestring by Ngaiire from 3
Can I Talk My Shit? by Vagabon from Sorry I Haven’t Called
Vision by Dianas from Little Glimmer
Petrichor by Blanco Tranco from Get Back to Me When It’s Over
Bell by Empath from Visitor
Out of It by Dog Name from Dog Name
Party Tricks by Alice Skye

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