Lips That Bite – 07:00 PM August 9, 2023

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Lips that Bite by Downtown Boys from Cost of Living
Rumours by Nat Vazer from Strange Adrenaline
Santorini by Blanco Tranco from Get Back to Me When It’s Over
Dirtlifter by forever renter from Wisteria
Inadequacy by Moaning Lisa from Something Like This but Not This
Eye on the Bat by Palehound from Eye on the Bat
Save It For Later by Dog Name from Dog Name
Fog Is a Funny Thing by BAD MOVES from Untenable
U Want It U Got It by Palehound from Eye on the Bat
Flat Coins by Porpoise Spit from Don’t Quit
Rockbeare Park by Orange Paw from Orange Paw
Up There for Thinking by Adele and the Chandeliers from Still Thinking.
Machine by Primo! from Sogni
Zig Zag by The Particles from 1980s Bubblegum
Truth About You by The Particles from 1980s Bubblegum
Honey by Marine Girls from Beach Party
Bait and Switch by Emily’s Sassy Lime from Dippity Do-Nut
Mamas Gonna Bake us a Cake by The Casual Dots from The Casual Dots
Palindrome by The Casual Dots from Sanguine Truth
Don’t You Ever by Slant 6 from Soda Pop*Rip Off
Newcomer by Plaster of Paris from Lost Familiar
Good Times by Ex Hex from It’s Real
All Lined Up by Sheer Mag
Real or Not by French Vanilla from How Am I Not Myself?
JJ by Priests from Nothing Feels Natural
Pay Day by Gauche from A People’s History of Gauche
Reactor by Current Affairs from Off the Tongue
Stop Looking by Bacchae from Pleasure Vision
Chrissy Moltisanti by The Faculty from Here’s To Fun
Standoff on the Top Stair by Pitchman from My Angel Age
Smoke and Mirrors by Pitchman from My Angel Age
Villains (Also Wear White) by Bam Bam from Villains (Also Wear White)
Death Admin Machine by SHOVE from SHOVE 2
Disco 1.5 by Special Interest
Lipstick and Leather by Blonde Revolver from Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere
Change by Cable Ties from All Her Plans

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