Lips That Bite – 07:00 PM July 26, 2023

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Take Care of Yourself by Blanco Tranco from Get Back To Me When It’s Over
The Clutch by Palehound from Eye On the Bat
Cape Henlopen by Bad Moves from Untenable
Bluefield #2 by Delicious Monsters from Freedom Plastic Realistic?
Late Bloomer by Blues Lawyer from All in Good Time
Good Eye by Mini Dresses from Heaven Sent
Super Hit by Delicious Monsters from Freedom Plastic Realistic?
Dead Hand by Private Lives from HIT RECORD
Connoisseur of Salt by Sweeping Promises from Good Living Is Coming For You
No Fuss by Current Affairs from Off the Tongue
Spellbound by Siouxsie and the Banshees from Juju
Crazy by Pylon from Chomp
Common Ground by RVG from Brain Worms
Crowded World by Moody Beaches from Acid Ocean
For Your Pleasure by Shopping from All or Nothing
Run Out by ATOM from In Every Dream Home
Buy It by Hearts and Rockets from TV Is Boring
Spell by Mere Women from Romantic Notions
Can’t Chain by Nun from The Dome
Limited Edition by Simona Castricum from SINK
Justice or Mercy by SYZYGY
Midnight Legend by SPECIAL INTEREST from ENDURE
Good Girl by June Jones
Catastrophe by Electric Fields
Party Tricks (feat. June Jones) [June Jones remix] by Alice Skye from Company
Somehow (You Still Get to Me) by Cry Club from Spite Will Save Me
The Only Heartbreaker by Mitski from Laurel Hell
Fireproof (One Direction cover) by Mitski from Our First 100 Days compilation

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