Maestro On The Mic – 02:00 PM December 9, 2023

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Maestro On The MIc featuring an interview with Kavisha Mazzella talking about her new album Empty Sky

Music from the 1960s through to 2023 with the release of Empty Sky from Kavisha Mazzella and Mast Gully Fellers (album of the year!)

I’m Stepping Out by John Lennon from Lennon
Zoom Zoom Zoom by Daddy Cool from The Last Drive-in Movie Show
As Sweet As You Are by Monique Brumby from Closer To The Truth
Without You by Doug Parkinson In Focus from Complete Sixties 1967-1969
Fool Fool Fool by Ray Brown from Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll The Early Years
Masculine Women Feminine Men by Margaret Roadknight from Girls In Our Town
Let It Shine by Medemoiselle & Floyd Thursby from The South Lands
Magnificence by Kavisha Mazzella from Empty Sky (Sacred Songs and Chants)
Interview with Kavisha Mazzella by Kavisha Mazzella
Sweet Divine Love by Kavisha Mazzella from Empty Sky
Om Shanti by Kavisha Mazzella from Empty Sky
Creswick by Mast Gully Fellers from The Great Divide
Bower Bird by Nurseratched from Catastrophically Ourselves
When You’re Gone by Suzannah Espie from First And Last Hotel
Nowhere I’d Rather Be by Les Thomas from All My Friends Are Superstars
Mediocreville by Cathy Dobson from Mediocreville
Changes by Black Sabbath from Volume 4
Cliche Blues by Mic Conway from Tin Can Alley
Wings Of An Eagle by Russell Morris from The Real Thing Symphonic Concert
Starting Again by Missy Higgins from Solastalgia

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