Maestro On The Mic – 02:00 PM November 25, 2023

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Maestro On The Mic featuring Grantlee Kieza interview regarding his book FLINDERS

Interview with Grantlee Kieza and just great Australian and the occasional overseas music for the next two hours on a balmy Melbourne day

I Wish I’d Met You Sooner by Jim Heynes and Beccy Cole from The Essential Jim Heynes
Bigger Love by The Pheasantry from The Pheasantry
Sailing Away by The Twoks from Sailing Away
If You Don’t Know By Now by Kerri Simpson from Fortune Favoured Me
Young Man’s Blues by Root! from Root! supposed he was out of the question
I Got A Feeling by Cathy Dobson from Mediocreville
Trouble Believing by Mast Gully Fellers from The Great Divide
Matthew Flinders by Barney Kenny
Interview with Grantlee Kieza by Grantlee Kieza from FLINDERS (book)
Trim The Circumnavigating Cat by Bruce Watson from Mosaic
Amour by Kavisha Mazzella from Love And Sorrow
Covetously by Little John from Put Your Hands On Me
Tell Me Where It Hurts by Robert McFarlane from Youtube
She Prefers Fire by Deborah Conway from Greatest Hits
We Are Here by Michael Waugh
The Day I Lost You by Suzannah Espie from Mother’s Not Feeling Herself Today
Man On Fire by Les Thomas from All My Friends Are Superstars
I’m Not LIke Everybody Else by The Kinks from To The Bone
The Singing Bird by Sinead O’Connor from Sean Nos Nua
They Thought I Was Asleep by Paul Kelly from Greatest Hits
Momma Don’t You Tear My Clothes by Daddy Cool from Last Drive In Movie

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