Maestro On The Mic – 02:00 PM November 4, 2023

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Maestro On The Mic featuring Rod Willis author of ‘RINGSIDE’

Maestro On The Mic with music and interview with Rod Willis

Suburban Boy by Dave Warner from Suburban Sprawl
Cinderella Rockafeller by Anne and Johnny Hawker from Novelty Songs of the 60s and 70s
Everywhere by Mast Gully Fellers from The Great Divide
Shut Up And Let Me Breathe by Colleen Hewett from Black And White
When The Melaleuca Blooms by Ian Bland from Everything And Nothing
My Opera Career Is Over by Nurseratched from Catastrophically Ourselves
You Got Nothing I Want by Cold Chisel from Circus Animals
Me And My Imaginary Friend by Colin Hay from Are You Lookin’ At Me
What Would You Say by Suzannah Espie from Mother’s Not Feeling Herself Today
Teenage Blues by Daddy Cool from The Last Drive In Show
Bow River by Cold Chisel from Circus Animals
Should I Go Before I Go by Edward Nass from Facebook Friends
Growing Old Disgracefully by Mic Conway from Diagonally Parked In A Parallel Universe
We Are Here by Michael Waugh
Love On The Radio by Skyhooks from Ego
The Ghost of Melbourne City by Les Thomas from All My Friends Are Superstars
The Karman Line by Cathy Dobson from Mediocreville
Baby Pull Over by Ruby Boots from Solitude
Now And Then by The Beatles

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