Red2Blue – 03:00 PM January 26, 2024

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7:52 pm: Hi Honey Ho by Ross Wilson
7:52 pm: Eagle Rock by Ross Wilson
7:52 pm: Dance With Your Lover by Anna Scionti from Junkbox Racket
7:52 pm: Mississippi Saxophone by Anna Scionti from Junkbox Racket
7:52 pm: Sweet Home Chicago by Aaron Pollock from The Blues Tapes
7:52 pm: Candyman by Dutch Tilders
7:52 pm: Shotgun Blues by Backsliders from Starvation Box
7:52 pm: Dumb Things by Paul Kelly from Under The Sun
7:52 pm: CC Rider by Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs from Live At Sunbury
7:52 pm: 19 Twenty & Lachy Doley by What A Night
7:52 pm: Chain Of Fools by Jimmy Barnes
7:52 pm: Boogie by Chain
7:52 pm: Way Out West by Dingoes from Five Time The Sun
7:52 pm: Sweet Candy by Chase The Sun from Rednecks & Gentlemen
7:52 pm: Rolling & Tumbling by Chris Wilson from Spidermen
7:52 pm: Purple Haze by Dave Hole from Short Fuse Blues
7:52 pm: The Double ‘ee’ Boogie by Mal Eastick from The Southern Line
7:52 pm: Talking Bout New Orleans by Pete Cornelius from Groundswell
7:52 pm: Every Day My Mother’s Voice by Paul Kelly & Dan Sultan
7:52 pm: Wade In The Water by Andrea Marr & Andy Cowan
7:52 pm: This Train by Mark Easton from Nothing’s Sacred
7:52 pm: Catch That Train by Blue Dukes from Demo
7:52 pm: 12lb. Toothbrush by Madder Lake from Still Point
7:52 pm: Guitar & A Reason by Ray Beadle from Bound To Get The Blues
7:52 pm: Walking Blues by Chris Wilson & Geoff Achison from Box The Blues
7:52 pm: Time Machine by Detonators
7:52 pm: The Lucky County by The Giants from Freedom Road
7:52 pm: Last Man Standing by Stormcellar from Kansas City Gold
7:52 pm: It Only Happens by Renee Geyer & Doug Williams from Really Really Love You
7:52 pm: Baby I’ve Been Missing You by Renee Geyer from So Lucky
7:52 pm: Jailbait by Anni Piper
7:52 pm: Secrets by Christina Crofts from Midnight Train
7:52 pm: Baby Caught The Bus by Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes from Baby Caught The Bus
7:52 pm: Where Do We From Here? by Jen Maze & The Rough ‘n’ Tumble from Jen Maze & The Rough n’ Tumble
7:52 pm: Exception To The Rule by Kate Meehan from As Long As I’ve Sung The Blues

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