Red2Blue – 03:00 PM July 21, 2023

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11:05 am: Guitar & Reasons by Ray Beadle from Bound To Get The Blues
11:05 am: Mississippi – Acoustic by Mitch Grainger from Plug It In
11:05 am: Shoot Out by Chris Wilson from Shoot Out
11:05 am: Man On Fire by Lloyd Spiegel from Bakehouse Dozen
11:05 am: The Boxer by Paul Butterfield Blues Band from Live
11:05 am: Black Dog Monday by Anna Scionti from Orphan Diary
11:05 am: The Revenant by Fiona Boyes from Ramblified
11:05 am: Got My Mojo Back by Smoke Stack Rhino from The Mojo Funk
11:05 am: Ya Ya Blues by Paul Lamb And The King Snakes from Mind Games
11:05 am: Shake It Upside Down by Steve Marriner & Garrett Mason from Going Up
11:05 am: Mile In My Shoes by 8 Ball Aitken from 8 Ball Aitken
11:05 am: The Friends We Make by 8 Ball Aitken
11:05 am: Days Like This by Danny Bryant Red Eye Band & Walter Trout from Days Like This
11:05 am: Cold Black Night- live by Gary Moore from Live At VH1
11:05 am: Always Free – live in Austin by Jackie Venson from Love Transcends
11:05 am: Something You Got by The McNaMarr Project from Demo
11:05 am: Trouble by Jess Crossman
11:05 am: What They Don’t Know About Me by Jen Mize & The Rough N’ Tumble from Jen Mize & The Rough N’ Tumble
11:05 am: Walkin’ Thru The Park by Muddy Waters from Fathers & Sons
11:05 am: I’m Ready by Muddy Waters from Fathers & Sons
11:05 am: Blow Wind Blow by Muddy Waters from Fathers And Sons
11:05 am: Saving Me by Starlite & Campbell from Starlite One
11:05 am: Tobacco Road / l Have A Dream by Eric Burdon & War from Eric Burdon Declares War
11:05 am: A Million Miles Away by Rory Gallagher from Tattoo
11:05 am: A Boogie by Carson from Blown
11:05 am: Skin A Cat by Chris Wilson from The Long Weekend
11:05 am: Start Making Sense by Mark Gardner from United We Stand
11:05 am: Spill The Wine by Eric Burdon & War
11:05 am: House Of The Rising Sun- Speed Up by Eric Burdon
11:05 am: Looking Through A Window- live by Wendy Saddington & The Copperwine from Live
11:05 am: Woodstock by Lecia Louise from Power & Passion
11:05 am: Set Me Free by Renee Geyer from Blues License

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