The Big Note – 09:00 AM December 6, 2023

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The Big Note #27 – The Department Of Youth

In this Episode of The Big Note we examine the aspects of how young people engage with Music and what happens as we grow older, amongst other things. The Majority of songs played today are new releases from Australian artists. In Michael Spitzer’s book “The Musical Human” he looks at a 2019 study commissioned by Youth Music, an organisation that champions the importance of inclusion in music making, learning and earning working to drive change on a local and national level in the UK, ensuring every young person can experience inclusive music. The study was a comprehensive review of the relationship children and young people had with music. It was found that music was young peoples’ favourite hobby, equal to gaming and ahead of sport, drama and dance.
 According to the study 97% of people aged 7 to 17 had listened to music; 67% had made music and 30% had played an instrument.
85% said that music made them happy and 64% of all the young people surveyed considered themselves musical, compared to 48% in 2006.

Waking Up by Jerome Blazé
Dancing In The Rain by Tom Fublé
Ngu by エミエミ (emi emi)
I’m Gonna Change by Shannon Smith
Settle Petal by The BUOYS
Uh-Oh by Gut Health
Shaku Shakti Part 1 by Crystal Slide Shivam from Shaku Shakti INZEN
We Dont Talk About It by Thelma Plum
Firebreather by Lazer Baby
Ennui (Live) by Amy Vee from Live at Lizottes
August 19 by HighSchool
I’ll Figure It Out by Kelly Walshe
If You Were Real by Helen Townsend (with Shannon Smith) from Love Lies ‘n’ Leaving
The Robots by Kraftwerk from The Man Machine
Spaceship by Ashley Naylor from Soundtracks Vol. 2

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