The Big Note – 09:00 AM January 10, 2024

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Episode 29 – Resonant Spaces and other Echoes

Happy New Year everyone. The first episode of The Big Note looks at the sonic attributes of given spaces, and more specifically resonance/reverberance. Almost every conceivable space apart from the vacuum of deep space or an anechoic chamber has certain sonic characteristics that will affect how sound behaves within that space. Even solid objects and fluids have sonic characteristics that will change how sound behaves within and through them. We discuss aspects of this sonic characteristic in todays episode as well as play some great music illustrating the theme, as well as other new and old music from Australian artists and elsewhere. Further reading/References: How Music Works 
 David Byrne – 2013 McSweeney’s Monolithic Undertow Harry Sword – 2021 White Rabbit Sonic Wonderland Professor Trevor Cox – Vintage (Penguin Random House) 2015 Sonic Wonderland “Sound Tourism” website Image credit: Photograph of the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni made before 1910 from Wikipedia

Moments In Love by Art of Noise from And What Have You Done With My Body, God?
Turbine Wire by Stu Watts from Turbine Wire
Moon Doom by Observers from The Age of the Machine Entities
Back In The Day by Jonny Dee from Back in the Day
Atlantis by Charm of Finches from Atlantis
Calls from A Rusty Cage by John Butcher from Resonant Spaces
Keeps Me Warm by Imber from Keeps Me Warm
Depth Of My Colour by Broxton from Depth of my Colour
You Will Be Fine by CheekyBoy from You Will Be Fine
One Summers Day by Joe Hisaishi from Spirited Away O.S.T.
Sun Leads Me On by Half Moon Run from Sun Leads Me On
The Thing from the Deep by The Chops from Volcanic Cave
You Didn’t Try To Call Me by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention from Freak Out

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