The Big Note – 09:00 AM November 29, 2023

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The Big Note #26 – Considering Conceptual Music and Concept Albums

I was struck by the plethora of concepts music can embrace whilst researching songs for last weeks show, where I was exploring the effects drugs had in the world of music. I discovered a musician from Great Britain called The Caretaker. Where I was looking into the way drugs can affect the process of composition, performance and experiencing music, I realised that much of the Caretakers works were not the result of the effects of drugs on the brain but rather a journey to try and interpret musically what happens to the brain when it is undergoing pathological changes such as what happens in dementia. This led me to want to explore further the phenomena of conceptual music and concept albums. Today we talk about song cycles, musical sociological studies and rock operas amongst other things, but I also examine the idea that our first nation people’s song lines are some of the very first examples of conceptual music in that they embody the whole spirit of a place (so to speak) and describe the journey through it (along with much more). Episode Image Credit: Seven Sisters Songline by Josephine Mick, Pipalyatjara, 1994

Home by 2 Inch Tape from What I Need
What You Want by Grxce
Dance Like A Wolf by Legs Electric
Paladesisyon – Angelo Berdos by Nicky Anacin from TUNOGLOKAL QLD Project
Into Each Others Eyes by the Caretaker from Everything At The End Of Time (Stage 1)
Dust Bowl Blues by Woody Guthrie from Dust Bowl Ballads
Mood Indigo by Frank Sinatra from In The Wee Small Hours
The Twilight Zone by The Ventures from The Ventures In Space
Nullabor Dreaming by Dave Norman
Wichita Lineman is A Song I Once Heard by The KLF from Chill Out
I Robot by The Alan Parsons Project from I Robot
The Tradition by Halsey from If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power
Go To The Mirror by The Who from Tommy
Hey You by Pink Floyd from The Wall
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
1984 by David Bowie from Diamond Dogs
Joe’s Garage by Frankl Zappa from Joe’s Garage

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