The Big Note – 09:00 AM October 18, 2023

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The Big Note #21 – The Feels (again/still)

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit flat, like a Tyre that has had an adverse encounter with one of the local (& or general) potholes around here and maybe has a slow leak, so this week is an attempt to lift my and anyone else’s mood with some upbeat, feel-good tunes (as well as some alternative feels, as that is part of life too). We also go over again how music can affect our mood and health as well as unite us and shine a light in dark & troubled times. The accompanying image for this episode is The Big Note’s artist subscriber Bec Jean with a chook, just because it makes me smile, as I hope it does you! ❤️

1:57 pm: Flowers In The Sky by Sunny Luwe
1:57 pm: Out of Mind by Silky Roads
1:57 pm: What Was I Made For by Billy Eilish from Barbie O.S.T.
1:57 pm: Dance The Night Away (Do Do Do Do) by Shannon Smith
1:57 pm: Tell Me Why by The Pad Boys from Where Are They Now
1:57 pm: Getting Thru by DanBag
1:57 pm: Silver Moon by Mollixillom from FreqFemmeFive
1:57 pm: Positive Thinking by Taitu’uga
1:57 pm: Overthinking by KenteBee
1:57 pm: Light Over Shadow by Mickey Hart from Planet Drum
1:57 pm: My Love by This Way North
1:57 pm: Day Of The River by Joe Hisaishi from Spirited Away O.S.T.
1:57 pm: Little Umbrellas by Frank Zappa from Hot Rats
1:57 pm: My Old Man by Mac DeMarco from This Old Dog
1:57 pm: We Are Still Waiting by Martin Kennedy & Steve Kilby from Glow & Fade

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