The Big Note – 09:00 AM October 25, 2023

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The Big Note #22 – The Power of Voice

When used by itself in musical expression the human voice is a powerful instrument, when combined with other voices it can express and evoke spiritual transcendence beyond our day to day experience. It is no wonder it is found in the sacred music of cultures around the world.
 We play tracks featuring and talk about different forms of voice in sacred and traditional music. Examples of Gregorian Chant, Inuit and Tibetan Throat singing and Japanese Shigin style voice are explored. I also indulge in a little of my love of Japanese music old & new towards the end of the episode. Image: Karin and Kathy Kettler, throat singers and drum dancers performing at the Circumpolar Music Festival (via Alaska Dispatch/Vimeo)

2:21 pm: The Second Waltz (Shostakovich) by André Rieu
2:21 pm: Voice From The Heart by Lindsay Waddington & John Williamson from ULURU FOREVER/ VOICE FROM THE HEART
2:21 pm: Synthetic Dreams (Chant Version) by Dr J from Synthetic Dreams (Chant Version)
2:21 pm: The Chanting Song by Tikkek from The Chanting Song
2:21 pm: Missa Orbis Factor [Kyrie & Gloria parts] by Schola Gregoriana Mediolanensis, Giovanni Vianini from Messe In Canto Gregoriano
2:21 pm: 詩吟 -胡隠君を尋ぬ (Shigin – Koinkunwotazunu) by Wagakki Band
2:21 pm: OMM by Bené Bené Fonteles from Outro Tempo (Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992)
2:21 pm: Tibetan Throat Singing by Gelug Monks
2:21 pm: Inuit Throat Singing by Avery Keenainak and Christine Tootoo
2:21 pm: Kajyadhu Fu Bushi (Visible Cloaks Remix) by Visible Cloaks from かじゃでぃ風節 Kajyadhi Fu Bushi
2:21 pm: Daily Meditation by Aodhan from Daily Meditation
2:21 pm: LOSS MEDITATION (radio edit) by sleepthink from LOSS MEDITATION
2:21 pm: The Conversation Pit by Hotel from The Conversation Pit
2:21 pm: Kakashi by Yasuaki Shimizu from Kakashi
2:21 pm: My Love by This Way North from My Love
2:21 pm: 風鈴の唄うたい (Fuurin no Utautai) by Wagakki Band
2:21 pm: Kajyadhu Fu Bushi by 新崎純とナイン・シープス Jun Arasaki and Nine Sheep from かじゃでぃ風節 Kajyadhi Fu Bushi

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