The Big Note – 10:00 AM September 27, 2023

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Episode 18 – Listening

Today I talk about listening. I recently discovered this delightful little book by W. A. Mathieu – a musician, composer, teacher and philosopher called “The Listening Book”.
 The book is composed of modest chapters or sections about listening, really listening to the world around us and within us. Here’s an excerpt:

The More You Listen We can no more hear all the vibrations in a sonata than we can see all the radiation from the stars. There is an effulgence, a surfeit in the world. We will never hear it all, even if we invent a hundred new ways to listen and bring all the dark into the light. There will always be more. Waves make waves and draw our senses in beyond limit. It was a great day when I discovered that there is more in the air than I had ever heard before, or ever could hear. I remember the amazement in realizing “the more you listen the more you hear,” the delight in registering sounds that had always been present but I had never heard, the ecstasy of knowing this is a lifelong experience, infinitely expandable, basically musical. I spoke wildly to my friends. I began inventing exercises and games to trick people into hearing more so I could experience the freshness of their wonder. I never stopped doing it. I’m doing it now.
[p. 25 The Listening Book by W.A. Mathieu – published 2011 by Shambhala Publications Inc] Linky thing: The Listening Book (on Goodreads)

12:58 pm: Made For You by G Flip from Drummer
12:58 pm: No One Receiving by Brian Eno from Before and After Science
12:58 pm: Listen To The Sky by Laura Misch
12:58 pm: Listen To The Water by Luke Steele from Listen To The Water
12:58 pm: Listen To Your Mum by Riot Baby
12:58 pm: All My Friends Are My Friends by Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice from Bubble
12:58 pm: Pyramid On The Moon by Observers from Robot Dawn
12:58 pm: Listening To Briggs by GD Grom
12:58 pm: Here We Go Again by Shanleigh Rose

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