The Big Note – 10:00 AM August 16, 2023

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Episode 13 Technology, Music [and put down that #!ng Phone when you’re at a gig (please)!!]

Today on the 13th Big Note we start a discussion on the way technology has not only changed the way we listen to music, but also how it is made. David Byrne and his book, How Music Works writes about this in a chapter titled “Technology Shapes Music”. Just as Photography changed the way we see the world, recording technology has changed the way we hear it. Before recorded music became ubiquitous music was for most people, something that we did. Back in the day many people, or at least those who had money had a piano in the home or they sang at religious services or went to a live concert. Music and our experiences of playing or listening to it was ephemeral, fleeting and Walter Murch the sound editor and film director, said music was the main poetic metaphor for that which could not be preserved. Some people say this ephemeral nature can help focus our attention. It’s claimed that we listen more closely. If we know we only have one chance, one fleeting opportunity to grasp that ephemeral something, as a result the enjoyment is all the more intense. We only begin to scratch the surface of this topic so please stayed tuned for future episodes where we shall continue exploring how Technology shapes music and vice-versa.

11:00 am: The Real Thing [Live] by Russell Morris
11:00 am: A State Of Graceful Mourning by Died Pretty from A State Of Graceful Mourning
11:00 am: Better In My Head by Paper Lane
11:00 am: Pinned Down by Adam Coad from Walking Shadows
11:00 am: Broken Record by Aimee Francis
11:00 am: Ex-Files by The Bamboos from This Is How You Do It
11:00 am: Midnight Record by Slo To Go
11:00 am: Spinning by Winnie Lane
11:00 am: Raconteur Troubadour by Gentle Giant from Octopus

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