The Big Note – 10:00 AM July 26, 2023

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The Big Note #10 Healthy Music

Because music can activate almost all brain regions and networks, it can help to keep a myriad of brain pathways and networks strong, including those networks that are involved in well-being, learning, cognitive function, quality of life, and happiness., so today we play some music and explore the healing aspects of music, including the mysterious frequency 40Hz (40 cycles per second). In 1898 Florence Nightingale wrote in Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not: 
“I will only remark here, that wind instruments, including the human voice, and stringed instruments, capable of continuous sound, have generally a beneficial effect.”
Florence Nightingale made another discovery that current research is validating: The type of music patients listen to can matter. Nightingale cautioned against the piano. “The finest pianoforte playing will damage the sick, while an air, like ‘Home, Sweet Home,’ or ‘Assisa a pie d’un salice,’ on the most ordinary grinding organ, will sensibly soothe them.” 😀 Some of the known benefits of music in healthcare include: * Reduction of anxiety and stress * Decreased perception of pain * Assist in the management of insomnia * Enhanced social connection and mood through shared listening activities and singing * Decreased agitation and anxiety in dementia * Better cognitive health and wellbeing through group singing * Improved lung capacity through singing * Improved cognition through playing a musical instrument * Dance and movement associated with music improves overall health and mobility. Many health professionals are also musicians. In Melbourne we have Corpus Medicorum, an orchestra of doctors, medical students and health professionals

11:04 am: You And I by Reverend Genes from You And I
11:04 am: Muscle Memory by Crocodylus from Muscle Memory
11:04 am: The Gentle Hum of Anxiety by Trent Resnor & Atticus Ross from The Social Network O.S.T.
11:04 am: Sweet Tooth by Feelds from Sweet Tooth
11:04 am: Escape The Pain by Jewels & The Heist from Escape the pain
11:04 am: Healing [w/ Sarah de Warren] by Banta from Healing
11:04 am: Talisman by Hein d’Gardin
11:04 am: What’s The Frequency Kenneth? by R.E.M. from Monster
11:04 am: Rooms For The Memory by Adalita from Rooms For The Memory 2023

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