The Big Note – 10:00 AM September 13, 2023

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The Big Note #16 Music and Maths

After a week off I am back with Episode 16 of The Big Note. Yay! On the previous couple of episodes we’ve looked at technology and how it has shaped Music as well as Avant Garde and Experimental artists. Today we look at some of the basic building blocks of what Music is and how Mathematics fits into the equation if you will excuse the pun. 
There is a long history of connection between the world of music and the world of mathematics.
The Greek philosopher and religious teacher from 5th century BCE, Pythagoras taught the belief that numbers were a guide to the interpretation of the universe. Mathematics could explain everything, including music. So we talk about Pythagoras, Fibonacci and have a slice of Pie, ah, my mistake, we play a song about Pi – Which is, apart from the 16th letter in the Greek alphabet, a transcendental number, approximately 3.14159, represented by the symbol π, that expresses the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle and appears as a constant in many mathematical expressions. Fun stuff! Much music is played to counterpoint the mathematical discussion.

12:25 pm: Music Is Maths by Boards Of Canada from Geogaddi
12:25 pm: Luv Mathematics by Mike Champion from Young Boy Old Soul
12:25 pm: A Number Less by Under Islands from Under Islands
12:25 pm: Fibonacci Sequence by BT from Movement In Still Life
12:25 pm: Pi by Kate Bush from Aerial
12:25 pm: Mathematics by Van Drer Graaf Generator from A Grounding In Numbers
12:25 pm: Crab Canon (J. S. Bach) by Paul Ziffer
12:25 pm: Canon a2 Cancrizans (J. S. Bach) by Shunske Sato
12:25 pm: Mathematics by Little Boots from Hands
12:25 pm: Numbers by Guards of May

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