The Big Note – 10:00 AM September 20, 2023

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Episode 17 – On Starting a Musical Career and some Radiothon Chat

On today’s Big Note we take a slightly different format from usual episodes as we are in the first week of the 3MDR radiothon. I was very happy to have a special guest in the studio, John Schmidli, who has his own show from 3 to 5 pm on Wednesday afternoons on 3MDR called sidetracks. We talk about our early introduction to music as well as our first vinyl purchases as well as talking about how young people might get into a musical career, discussing some of the challenges and some of the resources available to help them, including Community Radio. There’s less music played today than normal and a bit more chat due to getting two music nerds together in the same room, as well as spruiking of the Shockingly Good Community Radio Radiothon on 97.1 FM, 3MDR – please subscribe to help keep the airwaves alive!

1:23 pm: Indiscipline by King Crimson from Discipline
1:23 pm: Babylon Sisters by Steely Dan from Gaucho
1:23 pm: Modern Martyr by Hannah Schmidli from Modern Martyr
1:23 pm: F Budget by Bec Jean from Mid Life Crisis
1:23 pm: Wanted To Run by Reverend Genes from Space Time Change

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