The Dotted Line – 09:00 PM December 27, 2023

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2023 Retrospective Part I

A selection of music from the wonderful Live musos we’ve had on the show this year.

TDL Theme by Tim Woodz from Unreleased
I’ve been stranded out on my own by Benoit from Benoit Live
Lot Of Nerve by Clint Wilson from L.A.
Big Sky by Cate Taylor from Single
Turning To Stone by The Weeping Willows from You Reap What You Sow
Forks of Ivy by Moonshine Coalition from Single
Counting The Stars by Hannah Schmidli from Someone Else
Brother’s Arms by Neesy Smith from Single
Just Like Winter by The Humbuckin’ Pickups from Just Like Winter
For Your Love by Jeff Jenkins & The Heartstarters from When Boy Meets Girl
No Memory Came by Camilla Rose Sullivan from Single
Fuck You by Bailey Judd from Greetings From Sunny Coburg
Beats by Maggie Alley from Beasts
Koolasuchus by Jenna Campbell from Jenna Campbell
Be Who You Wanna Be by XANI from An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music
Ernest Hemmingway by Nathan Goodwin from Single
The Finest day by Coconut Shy from Single
I Don’t Want To Know by Grand Baxter from Single
Please by Sadie Mustoe from Shades of Yellow
New Day by Scott Candlish from Single
The Soldier by Matt Glass

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