The Imaginary Friends Show – 06:00 AM October 3, 2023

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Something From Short Stop with Ol’ Shepdawg Hisself 8:10am

Hola cyberspacers… Firstly, thank you to all those that have subscribed to 3MDR during the Shockingly Good Radio radiothon. We really do appreciate it. A painful start to the show this week as we clambered out of bed with a bung neck….. We managed to wirk our way through to some deep tunes and then the usual eclectic mix of tracks and nonsensicle ramblings. Our good mate Ol’ Shepdawg Hisself joined us on the blower just after 8am for an abbreviated Huff n Puff segment with just the one segment being Something From Short Stop…..always good fun! We hope you enjoy the program Cheers for the ears Peej and Elliot

Lonesome by Maurice Frawley from Long Gone Whistle
Painkillers by White Lightning from Gone To Your Head
Pain & Misery by The Teskey Brothers
Painkiller by Aaron Pollock
Phantom Pains by Andy Bull from Phantom Pains (ep)
Taste The Pain by Red Hot Chilli Peppers from Mother’s Milk
Manual by Hannah Schmidli from Modern Martyr
The Protest Song by The April Maze from Sleeping Storm
The Bishop Who Ate His Boots by The April Maze from Sleeping Storm
Silver Dollars by Monique Brumby
Detachable Penis by King Missile
I Spent My Last $10 (On Birth Control & Beer) by Two Nice Girls from 2 Nice Girls
Deep Dark Dungeon by J.J. Cale
Deep Inside A Song by Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes from The Soft n Sexy Sound
Deep Fried Satisfied by Claude Hay from Deep Fried Satisfied
Way Too Deep by 2 Inch Tape from What I Need
The Deep End by Cookin’ On 3 Burners from Lab Experiments Vol. 2
Neurotypical Heart by Deep Steve
Deepest Valley by Matt Walker with Ashley Davies from Soul Witness
Sticky Situation by Bec Jean from Quarter Life Crisis
Deep Creek by Nick Charles from Travelling Fingerpicker
Sometimes Words, They’re Not Even Needed by Benoit from Mountain
Electric Worry by Clutch
Babylon by Harmony Byrne from 3MDR & PAVE Presents More Women In Song
If Not Now by Paul Kelly
LINK Community Transport by Dr Danny Davis from Interview

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