The Imaginary Friends Show – 06:00 AM July 25, 2023

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Tricia from Eastern Newsbeat (C31)

Hola Imaginary Friends… We hope all is well…….are you, like us, wondering where the heck the time goes?! Apologies for the delay in updating the episode notes and track listings! The usual shamozzle of tunes and nonsensicle ramblings for the first hour or so…. Just after 8am Tricia from Eastern Newsbeat joined us in the studio to chat about community TV C31 (Channel 44 0n digital) and teh long running Eastern Newsbeat program which airs every Monday morning at 9am. We hope you enjoy the program Cheers for the ears Peej & Elliot PS – some tracks may be missing from the playlist as we forgot to bring in our notebook to work (don’t tell the boss

Me & My Imaginary Friend by Colin Hay from Are You Looking At Me?
White Rabbit by Molly Tuttle
Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield
The Pusher by Nina Simone
Chocolate Jesus by The Sugar Thieves from Plywood Palace
Candyman by Matt Walker & Friends from Live At The Rainbow Hotel
Through Your Skin by Daisy West from Hills Hoist Live Sessions
Power Without Greed by The Bamboos w/ MSO from Live At Hamer Hall
21st Century Lullaby by Skyscraper Stan
Sunset Blues by Nick Charles from Into The Blues
Mountains Of Wind & Rainbows by Emma Donovan & The Putbacks from Under These Streets
Christmas Day by C.W. Stoneking from King Hokum
Xmas In February by Lou Reed from New York
Introduction by Christopher Lawrence from A Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
2. Theme (Allegro maestoso e largamente): Tutti by Sydney Symphony Orchestra & Benjamin Northey from A Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
3. Theme: Woodwinds by Christopher Lawrence; Benjamin Northey: Sydney Symphony Orchestra from A Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
Setting Sun by Matt Glass from Famopus Last Words
Rocksteady Train by Fats Wah Wah from Monstereo Delicioso
Shadows by The DFG from Long Gone The Day
A Tall Shadow by Graveyard Train from The Drink, The Devil & The Dance
Shadow by Hannah Schmidli from Shadow
Shadows by The Coffins from The Coffins
Way Down (Where That Devil Be) by Michelle Chandler from 3MDR Presents A Mountain Of Sound 2014
Somewhere Green by Tracey Roberts from 3MDR & PAVE Presents More Women In Song
Whiskey & Weed by Diesel from AMRAP
Stealin’ by The Scrimshaw Four from Camby Jam
Losing Touch by New Delica from Ladders & Snakes
Gold by Brandon Poletti
Whatever Makes You Happy by Miss May from On The Radio
Outside Creeping In by Khristian Mizzi from Some Other Morning
Walk It Off by Hazmat Modine

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