Tight Pants – 08:00 PM January 8, 2024

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TIGHT PANTS #27 – New year 2024

Tight Pants by Iggy and the stooges from I’m sick of you!
The Digger You Deep by Mclusky from Unpopular parts of a pig/The digger you deep
Guided by Angels by Amyl and the sniffers from Comfort to me
You got it (keep it outta my face) by Mudhoney from Superfuzz Bigmuff
Coat of Green by X from X-Citations
Monday by CLAMM from Care
Miss Alissa by Eagles of Death of Metal from Peace Love Death Metal
Domino by The Cramps from Off the Bone
You don’t really care by The Drones from Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By
My Friend Goo by Sonic Youth from Goo
O Stella by PJ Harvey from Dry
Feast on my Heart by Pylon from Gyrate
I don’t Care by Sweat from Single
Ballad of Bodacious by Primus from Antipop
Terry by The Coffins from The Coffins
Acorn by Gardenia from Single
Town Topic by Snooper from Super Snõõper

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