Tight Pants – 08:00 PM September 25, 2023

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TIGHT PANTS #13 Radiothon Week 2

Tight Pants by Iggy and the stooges from I’m sick of you!
Figure at the Window by Billam from Halloween Special
Freaks to the front by Amyl and the Sniffers from Comfort to me
Uh Oh by Gut Health from Singles 23
Escalator Man by Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice from Escalator Man
Constant State by It Thing from Constant state/PCH
Feast on my Heart by Pylon from Gyrate
The Weaver by The Hanged Man from Tear it all (LP)
In the Stone by Goon Sax from Mirror II
The Golden age of Bloodshed by Roland S Howard from Pop Crimes
Stay Cruel by Bambara from Stray
Star Dream Girl by David Lynch from The Big Dream
Noel by Porchlight from Wives tales & Hymn of the Earth
Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction from Nothing’s Shocking
Weatherboard man by BATPISS from Rest in Piss
Fever by Blake Scott from Niscitam
The Digger you Deep by Mclusky from Unpopular parts of a pig/The digger you deep
No, your product by The Saints from Eternally yours
Do the Job by Use No Hooks from The Job
Liquid Love by NO ZU from Heat Beat
You Shatter by Sweeping Promises from Good living is coming for you
Sankes crawl by Bush Tetras from Boom in the night
Unknown Pleasures by The UV race from Racism

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